Is Everybody in? Day 1 (one) Edale to Crowden Rough Start... GAD! Its hot.... Mud glorious mud You're only struck twice Downfall To Mill Hill Lads! Oh my god its full of.... The devil in the dark Journey in The Dark... Heart of darkness The descent of man Day 2 (Two) Crowden to Standage Awake! Shake Dreams from your hair.... Striding Forth Clive's Great big river crossing Squelch Back in Black (Hill) White Moss? Checkmate i think...! To Standeage and don't Hang about... Standeage Camp Day 3 (3) Standage to Calderdale Rude Awakenings Treadmill M62 Blackstone Edge and the PUB Reservoir Dogs The Devils Hill Day 4 (Four) Calderdale to Ponden Day 5 (five) Pondon to Thornton Can't breathe....! day 6 Thornton to Malham day 7 Malham to Horton day 8 Horton to Hawes Black Riders?!? Day 9 Hawes to Keld day 10 Keld to Baldersdale Day 11 baldersdale to Cronkley Scar Day 12 Cronkley Scar to Dufton Crunch Time High cup Can I go on? Dufton to Alston Do you know where we are, then?