The Pennine Way the Hard Way
Is Everybody in? Day 1 (one) Edale to Crowden Day 2 (Two) Crowden to Standage Day 3 (3) Standage to Calderdale Day 4 (Four) Calderdale to Ponden Day 5 (five) Pondon to Thornton day 6 Thornton to Malham day 7 Malham to Horton day 8 Horton to Hawes Day 9 Hawes to Keld day 10 Keld to Baldersdale Day 11 baldersdale to Cronkley Scar Day 12 Cronkley Scar to Dufton Dufton to Alston
The Full Story as never before told....

Thrill! To the strains of "He's turning Japanese" Sung on Raven's Knowe by blokes who don't know what the words mean!

Gasp! At the Death defying stunts of Matt's Shins ascending Pen-Y- Gent!

Scream! As Mark unveils the majestic tower of empty milk cartons in Hawes!

Here it is then: in all its stunning glory. Three Blokes, Two stoves, a moose called Cyril and an awful lot of beer pitted against the Universe!

You only walk 273 1/3 miles, but in your mind its much, much further...

Well I'm not bloody carrying it!