2.4 You're only struck twice
It is raining.
Lightning strikes the rocks ahead of us. Up this close the flash and the bang occur at the same moment. The flash is so bright it leaves us blind and the bang is so loud we are deafened.
We start to communicate in gestures. Instant chaos. Mark is grinning broadly and making a gesture which I hope means that we have to go around the next corner and then straight on. I indicate that there is another bend much further round... But J is urgently making a gesture which I cannot for the life of me interpret. I think we have to go vertically up whilst training to be Egyptian musicians! Suddenly he runs. while I'm standing dumbfounded a small tidal wave hits me in the back of the knees and drenches me. Kinder river has just instantly deepened by about a foot.

Kaaaa-Booooommmmm!!!!!!!! DOOOOOOMED!!!

My compass is revolving like a top and Mark's spectacles are spitting small orange sparks.
"Its St Elemo's fire" screams J in the din. "we're all doooomeddd!" and so the catchphrase for the next three weeks odd was born! "Doooooomed"
Yet again the lightning hits the moor close by and we duck. A futile gesture really but you cant much help it. Another strike, really close and J throws himself flat to the ground in panic. "Doooomed!" he screams, this time in real fear. I know how he feels.
Kaaaa-Booooommmmm!!!!!!!! That one was so close I'm sure I could feel the charge through my boots. My hair is standing on end despite being drenched. We are close to losing it and nothing much seems funny right now.  I take a deep breath. "C'mon guys" I shout "lets get moving!". I stride forwards and instantly vanish up to my waist in a hole full of muddy water. I am extricated by J and Mark crying with laughter.  Its all funny again. We trudge on and get ourselves together. "Run Awayyy!!!" We scream! "DDoooooooooooooomed!"

Hail! Huge hail! Huge Horrible Hail! Huge horrible hail that Hurts! (horribly)

Kinder river in nice, kind, lovely, warm Weather with no Thunder....and no water.....