3.7 Standeage Camp
We arrive at Standage and the A62. Innocently we expected nothing to have changed from Wainwright's 1967 Journey. At that time there stood here a transport cafe - Savior of many a cold tired & wet walker.
Alas Pete's Cafe burnt down in 1976 - the result of a bungled transfer of chip-fat from one pan to another whilst smoking a jumbo cigar with the safeties off and the subsequent explosion and fire.
So what was there?
Nothing! Not a sausage (oh for a sausage!) No people, no traffic Not a thing! The wind blew dust in our eyes.....
Standage: The site of Pete's Cafe in the morning Sun.

Also high on our list of important things is a place to camp. Just then a lorry roars past
"Tell you one thing" says J
"I ain't camping here!"
Too right! We decide to venture further to the north and "free camp" in a quiet spot. This involves expending camping rations but tomorrow there is a good campsite with a shop. Allegedly.
We head North.
Just about half a mile of uneventful walking took us to millstone edge

Millstone edge with the A62 in the background. You cannot see anyone as they are all hiding behind the camera.
We set up camp just below the rock formation above in a sort of natural alcove. We have views away to the lower hills to the north and west.
We ALSO have beer and food, which we consume with relish (pass the relish please!). I have to  confess, I'm still puzzled as to where the beer came from, but there in my diary it says "Beer an fud".
Mark again shuns the beer. "I have my own drink thank you." we shrug.
Just then a sonic boom shakes the hills and the sun is blotted out by eldritch clouds. A faint gibbering can be distinctly heard. Clive and Dunc!
"Watchermates any roomfermetent? Sagudspotublokesfouind! BeerBeer! Dunctheygotbeer!!! Arrgh Wimmin? Nowimmin? BAHUMBUG!"
yes there is plenty of room. They set up. They have more food which needs eating, although in Clive's case this is mostly Jam. "Bloodyrasberrybestjaminthaworldennit"
The sun sinks gradually in the West. It is warm and I'm drowsy........

and if I wind it this way it plays a diabolical message from Jimmy Page!