3.3 Squelch
There is, for once, no breeze on the moorland. We sweat. I have a nagging feeling there's something I've forgotten...maybe my name? Nope... Malc Splone the famous spilling mistak. Legs? Two for the use of SAH! Oh well...
I look at the horizon with a pounding head. it wavers and flows, which is odd somehow as the horizon does as well. Giraffes walk past with ice-creams. A purple sock explodes nearby with a distinctive purple- noise, leaving a trail of fudge smelling smoke. OOoooooeee! People pay money for this kind of thing.
I'm at once cold and hot and then suddenly I'm down on my face looking at the floor from very close to. It hasn't been swept recently and has ants, little green ones.. Its really surprising and i have no idea what has happened. Worst of all I'm not sure what to do about it...

Black Hill fauna.

J turns me over and burns his fingers. "Ow!" he says blowing judiciously on them "are people supposed to get that hot without a licence??" Strange I feel really cold. I cant see his face properly. I can't really speak and couldn't have put a sentence together if I wanted and if I'd got the parts. My tongue feels like a huge leather lump. Ah! No change there then.
Dunc touches my forehead and pinches my arm "He's dehydrated that's what! - you  blokes got any salt tabs?" they have, and he mixes a canteen of re- hydrant and pours some gently into my mouth. It is like magic...There is a sort of crackly noise as I re- hydrate. I suddenly realise what's wrong with me. I've drunk virtually nothing this morning and sweated and sweated in the heat. I go to grab the canteen but no..I must do this gently. Bit by bit I recover.  I am given a hat and rather rudely told I should wear it and its a really crap one.....Oh its mine!
We go on.  I'm feeling much better and can navigate again. (again?? J) The moor rises again (again?? J) across Dun hill (describes the colour perfectly) and navigation is simple.  Which is a good job as so are we. I consult the lining of my socks - we are dead on track!