4.1 Rude Awakenings
My Slumbers are disturbed by raucous shouting.
"Wake up mate! Its horizontal out here!" J seems very insistent. There seems to be something flapping wildly in the darkness and my feet seem rather more damp than I usually like them.
"Horizontal?" I inquire feeling around for my socks, but finding only legs(2) for the use of Matt(1).
"Yeah - The rain falls out of the cloud as far as the wind and then blows forever parallel to the ground..."
"Surely it hits something eventually?"
"Yes....ME!" There is the sound of a bucket of water and spluttering.
My socks are in a puddle as is the end of my sleeping bag. Carelessly, I've left the door to the inner and outer undone as a result of last night festivities. There are no more cigarettes so I cant smoke one. I complain loudly about this and the response is , for once, unanimous.
"You ain't buying any more."
"Sez Who"
"All of us"
"what even Dunc?"
"Swiz - he smokes"
"not any more I've just given up"
I dress. Clearly this is going to be a trying day.....