2.3 Mud glorious mud
Slogging through the bog of the watershed on Kinder Scout, is at this time, very like Russian roulette.  There are tussocks of grass. Some are afloat and some are solid. If you get a 'floater' then you are, quite literally, sunk. You have to concentrate on the map and the ground at your feet at the same time and not get distracted. Navigation is, unsurprisingly a nightmare.
By rights really today it should have been a stroll - the water should all have evaporated leaving a firm but springy light brown surface, perfect for walking. But it is, for some reason, worse than any of the 'practice' traverses of this section. I suspect that some fiend has taken a stick and stirred the  bog into a sort of Brown-Windsor soup ("Oh eye saaay, brahwn whinshor souhp").
"Can you see anything?", "Yes, Wonderful things!"
I scan the black wasteland around me and start to sink gently. The peat makes friendly gloop gloop noises around my boots.
"we need to go further south" I say encouragingly trying to sound as if I know where we are "we should start picking up Kinder River anytime now" I look again at my compass. And then, very gently, right in front of my disbelieving eyes the needle  jerks and flips right round. I stare at it dumbfounded.
"Oi" Shouts J to my right "this one looks likely" He has found a grough with sand at its base. Its how you tell if you're approaching Kinder River. "Oh Good" I reply "Only..."
I don't finish I just rush to catch up.
Sure enough J has covered enough ground in the grough to establish that he's following the right direction and he's waving at me cheerfully. I return the wave and look back at the horrible watershed one final time. But it seems that mother nature isn't going to let us off that easily. I stare in mute disbelief at the explanation to my compass blues and the increasingly 'stuffed' feeling in my head.
There is a thunderstorm. Not close yet but huge. Really really huge. And moving like the wolf of Fenris right at us. Its jaws sweeping from moor to stratosphere, its teeth are lightning bolts. Torrential rain cascades, well at least I hope its rain. Oh Boy.  JUST what we need right now.............