2.9 Journey in The Dark...
Its that way folks!

The icy blast has finished being icy and is now just wet. as we trudge on following the faithful bearing from my faithful compass we accumulate lost souls.
All I can see is black peat, water, mist and my faithful compass. for ages and ages.
We arrive at Wain stones bang on target. The merry throng gathers round....THRONG???? Where the flaming heck did we get a throng from?? Just a throng at twilight!
"Hahaha! You look like you know what yer doing matey" says the ever-so-   soggy J "So they follow"
"HA!" quips Mark, grimly. "DOOMED!"
I walk round the stones to seek a little solitude...nope its crowded here too!
Suddenly the mist is twisted into eldritch shapes, half formed voices gibber and giggle horribly, there is a smell of sulphur, the ground shakes. Our throng looks scared and gathers together (behind ME) for protection. Signs of the cross are made....
"EyuuppppWotchalads I cumback coz I was worriedlike coz itz thickweather innit! yerallright then? Beer!? Wimmin!!!THATAWAY!!!!!" Its Clive who had reached the descent and then popped back to check we were OK! Such devotion and we hardly know the man! We promise beer at the first available opportunity.
We set out for Bleaklow head. It is scarcely a step. J drops back to check the throng and Clive brings up the rear - this is wise as no one in the throng wants to be in his vicinity so they all hurry to keep up.....