1. Is Everybody in?
A long time ago......in a Galaxy far far away..........
Start, they say, as you mean to go on. We could live with that.
Soft focus.... Edale many years ago....or thereabouts
Edale..and much was their rejoicing

I look at J through my beer glass which is distressingly empty.
"'s'empty" I slurr in a surprised tone
"Mmm" says J "Yeah...We need summore"
The bar obligingly supplies more very tasty bitter. We slurp.
Time passes
"Last Orders Please" Ding ding. we start in horror
"cant be" says J Drooling slightly
"Tis" I reply, squinting in horror at my watch. "S'halfpast"
"Drat" he slurrs. How can you slur 'drat' I wonder briefly, vaguely.
"I'll go get more beer"
"Double pintas plz" We grin. He gets them in.

More beer!!!

This is the way to start..like this...how we mean to go on....

Three quarters of an hour later we are back at the campsite looking up at the stars and I'm smoking a cigarette, trying not to feel sick.  It is very dark.

Got a light bouoy?
"When you gonna give up that filthy habit?" gibes the currently ever so squeaky clean J.
"Never" I mutter
"Kill ya quick!"
"Nah - I'm gonna live forever"
"Or die trying" We chorus.

Mark pokes his head out of his tent where he has been practicing clean living all night.
"Don't you silly buggers ever sleep?" He enquires waspishly.
It begs the obvious answer really.......The campsite rings to our reply.