13.2 High cup
Even at the best of times there is something cathartic about High Cup. It is an astonishing place. you approach across the moor's drab olive and black colours. The ground underfoot suddenly changes to rock and the view opens out from nothing to vast in seconds. Reddish brown rocks outcrop all around. But the view.....You look across a wide green valley (Eden valley) lit with golden sunlight and you can see all the way to the lakes. The M6 is a river of hot metal many miles away.

I sit down at the High Cup Nick itself. I weep for about 10 minutes for all kinds of reasons, not just that I hurt (which I do!) but because it is so unexpectedly beautiful and my senses are just overloaded. I have gone from the dark of thick cloud and a lot of pain to bright sunlight and my leg is.....err...solid.....The aspirins appear to have worked (its all lies folks my body just has stopped noticing the background pain - you wait till I stand up!)

There are two figures many miles distant making a beeline for Dufton. J and Dunc. Nearer to me, a dark dust cloud emitting purple lightning and the now- famous scooby-doo wibbling noises marks Clive's Descent. Bastards. Wait till I give them a piece of my mind - If there is any left!