2.10 Heart of darkness
The wind whips up again and it is pitch black as we leave Bleaklow head on our magic bearing. we really didn't stay long as it is sooo exposed here and the cold is becoming deadly.

("Majick Bearings at their best!" New York Tims)

It is hard to see more than ten feet ahead, and sometimes the visibility is much less - especially in the region of Clive where lambent glowing Arcane symbols materialize and hang in the swirling mist and a strange, deep, unpleasant chanting can be faintly heard.

A timid member of the throng approaches, he looks about thirteen.
"Ummm excuse me mister!" he warbles
"Yeess?" I eye him with some distaste - he is even more covered in peat than I am.
"Umm him. back there. At the back!" Does he mean Clive?
"Should we fetch a priest?"
"Not if you want to live, no"
"K Bi THX" He runs away.

The wind whips rain up my grotex. My boots sink deep into the peat and let water in under the gaiters, where it is forced against gravity until it pools on my shins.

Everything is soaked! Look at my map!!! I poke my finger through it...Character building? Who the bloody hell said this was character building? Me thats who!! Ah OK then!

Even the water running down the backs of my legs is extra wet. Cold is starting to seep into my bones and my breath smokes in the cold air. I can see absolutely nothing except mist, rain and compass. This can't go on for much longer, It is already 5 foot 6 and that means I'm 2 inches short!

Suddenly and without any warning whatsoever I see a sandy path. AH HA! I LIKE Sandy Paths -  she has always been close to my heart... We follow avidly as it meanders over heather and rocks. Things are looking up! also down and sideways!

After a little while it begins to descend, as do we. So THIS is a drive in restaurant in Hollywood? Strangely no one falls in to a waist deep pool of peat......