14.1 Do you know where we are, then?
Mist swirls about me like the froth on a badly pulled pint, only less tasty. We climb up from knock hush trying to ignore our aches and pains and the bitter wind. Curlews scream. So do I - the pain from my knee is incredible. I remember wanting to eat aspirin like smarties.  we arrive surprisingly quickly at Great Dun fell with its massive indictment to cold war paranoia in the form of a huge radar station. We rest and drip for a while.

"You want tea?" says the ever resourceful J....
"Tea??" I repeat incredulously  "as in the hot brown stuff? The emphasis being on hot?"
"yeah" he grins " I boiled the kettle in Dufton..First time since Bleaklow I use this" He holds up his lightweight flask. It still has the price sticker on it.

We drink tea and look at huge golfball radar thingies. Some sqaddies approach. One hangs back but the others come right up.

"Cor - a wet!" says one eagerly. His mates shush him.
"you got spare?" asks another "We'll repay in Mars bars" Ah! Negotiable currency!
"Sure" we say. Tea and mars bars change hands.
"Ummmmm" says another. There is a silence broken only by tea and mars bar munching.
"Look..." He mumbles "Our ummm Henry over there" he points with his chin to a bloke who is quite clearly an officer of some sort and is hanging back apparently in embarrassment, possibly anger.
"Our Henry has a map..."
We eye the squaddie uneasily. He squirms.
"yes?" The tension is unbearable...what the hell could be going on?
"Well...We....Ummm Well Don't really know ummm exactly where we sort of umm are on it.... ummm"
I look at J who is gazing innocently at the giant golfballs to our left... We pause reflectively.
"Whats it worth?"..........

I smile wolfishly at the squaddie who is looking very resigned . He whips out more Mars bars. "Sling us the map then"
he wanders of and has a word with "Henry" who looks at daggers at all of us. A map changes hands.

Here we are standing next to the single largest, most obvious map feature for fifty miles around......