6.1 Can't breathe....!
J wakes up making "gaaaak" type croaking noises. His throat has given out. We debate the future.

"its OK" he croaks "I'll wait here until I feel better - leg it to civilisation, meet you at Malham or Hawes" I am glum, very glum. Mark however is not.
"I told you , all of you - you must do as I do or it will happen to everyone" he struts. he has made "sahndwiches" again (why oh why does he cut the crusts off and make them into triangles?) but right now I am not in the mood for banter. I check J has everything he needs until the dawn of the next ice-age

"Bugger off now you daft twit or I'll sob" he whispers. Somewhere on the hills Bob the Australian stalks...."BAAAAAAAAAA"