3.4 Back in Black (Hill)
We arrive at the squidgy mess that is Black Hill, cratered and pitted by years of abuse by anyone that comes near it.
You could bomb this place and it would improve. As we watch, it oozes, wobbles and goes 'GLOOOP!". I pinch myself to make sure I'm not still hallucinating. Dank, stagnant, pools gaze blankly and silently at the sky. The wind sighs mournfully and seems to think of suicide. Further away there is a grey something which we are convinced is a hand sticking out of the Peat. It is twitching slightly.

These days there is a slabbed path....Wusses!!

"we cant go up there !" quavers J "S'not safe!" He is wrong! it is perfectly safe. We, on the other hand are in deadly danger! I can see a way however... Once again I am foolhardy. "Follow me... !" I declare and step forward. As usual I sink rapidly and have to be pulled out again. Once again this reduces everyone to hysterics, me included.

Once again I am rescued! Twit!

Dunc decides he'd better wait for Clive and we'd see him later.... Fair enough. We arrive at the ordnance survey point, an island in a quagmire "I can't be arsed to go up to it" says J "Lets just get out of here! Quite right - we depart in the direction of away! We head for the A635 dimly visible in the distance.